Orient Beach

On Tuesday I actually spent the morning in the seminar for dental practice management. It was very good, especially the presentation from the guy who had gone to jail for insurance fraud--his presentation was "Stay Out of Jail". He taught us all how not to get caught at it (HA not really). I tried very hard not to make jokes about everything because I was sitting next to my boss (He's also the reason I am tempted to make jokes and stuff). I took notes on the hotel-logoed pad of paper given to us as a freebie by the hotel. The hotel pad that had 3 sheets of paper on it and a fine cardboard backing. Yes. 3 WHOLE SHEETS OF PAPER. And it was warped from water damage. Boy, did the Westin go all out or what???

But you don't want to hear about the conference, which was held in a windowless room so we couldn't be distracted by the view of the beach.

After the conference, Jim and I had lunch in another French restaurant called Le planteur. It was very uncrowded. Jim and I have determined that the French do not like to be rushed when they eat and so everything is served in an untimely manner. You forget that time is actually passing. You just sit there and look at the view.
The view of Oyster Bay. Our villa is on the other side of that big hill on the right side of the picture.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Even the picture is relaxing

The interior of "Le planteur." Again, no real walls. Open air eating with a roof for shade.

After lunch, we set our sights on Orient Beach. We didn't get lost so much as we guessed wrong a couple of times. We never did see a sign for the public beach area. 

We did spy a sign for "Club Orient" and figured that it was close to the beach. It was a resort but it allowed public parking. So we parked and asked the attendant how much it was to park. He said "It's free today." Yay for free! We walked into the resort to get to the beach and discovered Club Orient is a resort for nudists. HAHAHAHAHA! We just kept walking.  We finally did get to the beach, but it was the part of the beach where the nudists sunbathe. We just kept walking. I felt like everyone was looking at me because I was wearing a swimming suit. Also, I was probably the youngest one there by decades. No, I didn't take any pictures. There was a sign saying pictures weren't allowed.

We finally found the not nude section of Orient beach and got ourselves a couple of chaises and an umbrella. 

At one point, I saw a guy walking along the beach that looked a lot like Mike (who had gone their own way that day and I wasn't sure where they had gone to). The closer he got, the more like Mike he looked. Then he stopped at my chair and said, "Hey. Here you are." It was Mike. How ridiculous not to realize that the reason that the guy looked like Mike was because it WAS Mike. Anyway, he was walking up and down the beach looking for something he and Jen had lost. They were at the other end of the beach. Then he went on his merry way.

I went into the water and bobbed around in the swells again. I stayed mostly by the jet ski in the picture above. There was a guy who came within a dozen yards and motioned for me to approach him. I was leery, but after repeated attempts to get me to come closer, I finally decided he was harmless and went over. I'm glad I did because he was surrounded by a school of angelfish and he was feeding them bread. He gave me some bread and let me feed the angelfish. IT WAS SO COOL. They nibbled on my finger and having no teeth, it was simply a funny feeling and not painful. The fish were beggars, they knew that there was food to be had and they wanted it. It made me laugh. What a perfectly delightful beach activity! Eventually the guy wanted to take his school of angelfish to show others, and as he was about to leave, he looked around at the fish and said, "OK everybody, come with me.  This way." And he and the fish moved on to the next person in the water. What a strange person, and it was one of the highlights of the vacation. Too bad Jim chose to sit on the beach the whole time and not get into the water.

At the end of the beach time, we had to walk back through the nudist part and resort. I was telling Jim how even if I wanted to be a nudist and stay here, I would have to wear shoes (rocks and sticks and grass and stuff) and just as I said that, a guy walked by (nude of course) and replied, "Ain't that the truth."


Jen said…
I still chuckle to picture you guys walking all along the nudie section of the beach. That day caused quite a panic for us. At least nobody got our card and used it.