Busy week in review

Do I have to apologize for not posting on my blog over the last week? If you require an official apology, write me a letter (yes, with a pen and on a piece of stationery. If you need stationery, request a sheet from my mother who has plenty) requesting the apology. Send your request, along with $5 shipping and handling, to:
Shoebox Princess

I've been in South Dakota (again) for the bulk of the week. We have a new employee in our fold and the office needed my official presence to help the good work of caring for the insides of people's teeth move along.

It's hard to blog in SD because I can't take internet in a box with me and I don't stay in a place that has internet access. Hopefully that will change soon, since Mike and Jen are closing on a house next week and future trips to SD will see me lodged with them in their internet-laden and very colorful home.

We had a birthday in the house last Sunday and it is time for me to celebrate that special day.

Other Jim is now 19. His birthday fell on a fast Sunday, which meant that we were all super hungry when we got home from church. I spent part of Saturday baking a cake for him, which he decorated with chocolate sauce, crumbled Andes mints and lots of Rolos, and it was sitting on the counter, waiting for us to sing OJ into his new age. I went into my room to change out of my skirt and heels, and by the time I got more relaxing clothes on, OJ had already cut himself a large piece of cake and was eating it.


I hope the birthday police don't come after us! Hayley and I sang to him while he ate (Jim and Matt were up at scout camp and Paul was getting ready for work) and hopefully that was enough to satisfy the laws of birthday celebration.

Here are pictures, which I am required by birthday law and blogging custom to post:

In other OJ news, he is rapidly approaching re-employment with Wally world. This time, though, he will not be pushing carts; instead, he has chosen to work the overnight shift (which will pay $2 more per hour than daytime shifts), mostly likely stocking merchandise. He is already preparing for his overnight shifts by sleeping in til late in the afternoon and staying up all night. Sigh. But in his defense, he is more helpful than he was when he lived here before.  And he gets along really well with Hayley now. They like to watch weird cartoons together (Mike, you have compatriots in my children in your liking of Adventuretime).


TaterBean said…
HAHAHA! That is soooo something Jimmy would do, cut it and eat it before he was supposed to. It makes me laugh! :)
Jen said…
Sorry we missed O.J.'s birthday. Please wish him a belated birthday from us! I am, however, glad we got to spend some time together again in SD. I, too, cannot wait until we have a "real" home to live in. So tired of this back-and-forth business. I don't even care that our house is stinky, I just want a place to call my own.