Many pictures from Many Point

Many Point is the Boy Scout camp that our boys (and my my brothers) have gone to lo these Many years. Jim took Many pictures while Matt and his Many friends were there (Jim was there too, for not Many days).  Matt had Many fun adventures and learned Many new things.  When he came home, he had Many good things to say about his time at Many Point.

Matt is on the right, playing "greased watermelon" in the water with the rest of the scouts in his troop. Jim said Matt is a good swimmer. I don't know why I find that so hard to believe; maybe because when he was much younger, he was afraid of the water.

One of Matt's jobs (I'm so glad he had jobs to do) was washing dishes. Look at those little twiggy arms of his! They are getting longer!

The service project involved boys cutting down trees. Boys and hack saws sure do get along.

Matt and two of his good friends from church. Matt is still a little shrimp, but consider that these are two of the very tallest kids in his age group, and one of them is actually Hayley's age.
Matt went sailing without an adult in the boat! Granted there would not have been much room for an adult--those boats are so tiny! Jim said it was very strange to watch Matt maneuvering a watercraft around on a lake by himself. He's steering in this picture.

No boy can go to scout camp and not shoot at things.
 Many thanks to the leaders who provide Many opportunities for these Many boys to have.....Many much fun.


Jen said…
I remember hearing about Many Point and thinking it was "Mini Point", so I thought it was this tiny place where people went to see it just for its sheer smallness. I guess I was wrong all these years.

Glad to see Matt get to follow along in his brothers' and uncles' footsteps. It looks like he had a great time with friends and learned lots of new skills. His Uncle Mike will be proud to see him hacking at that tree.
Jake said…
Just count yourself lucky that Jim is able t go along and that there is no Jay Ostvig-type friend, yet. Lot's of great memories there. It's a great place. I even went as a "chaperone" one yar. I was 18, took no merit badge courses (couldn't), the scouts needed another chaperone, I was available. Dale Larsen & I had the greatest tent set-up. Coolers with beverages, mattresses and blankets (no restrictive sleeping bags), etc. But I know your boys will reflect on it as fondly as I. I firmly believe that w/o Many Point, I most likely would not have earned my Eagle Scout.
Jenni said…
What a fun time. I know (as stated in the other two comments) that our brothers THRIVED at that place. I believe boys need activities like that where they can go and use hack saws and shoot guns and steer sailboats (love that picture - what fun). If more boys did that, we'd live in a different world. Great times. Glad they could go.

[and I can't believe Matt is old enough for those activities]