Cheeky bits

Cheeky as in Hayley.

I took my little baby girl who used to like to dress up like Pikachu and wanted me to draw "thundershocks" on her cheeks to the HIGH SCHOOL today for pictures and to find out where her locker was.

The little girl who once (when she was 2) posed for a picture wearing only striped tights and 3D glasses posed for this picture wearing slim black jeans, a dressy red shirt, a dragonfly pendant, and new glasses.

Seriously, one of my "little kids" is in high school. I am floored. I always knew the big kids, aka Katie, Other Jim, and Paul, would grow up. That's what big kids do.  The little ones, though, they are little.

We had trouble opening her locker at first, but after a helpful parent gave her a tip, Hay-dle-dee finally managed to opened the metal beast (which she can probably fit into).

I know many many other schools in other states have started already, but we haven't yet. I have a little time still to consider her my baby girl.

(also, Matt's voice is deepening. I am in shock.)


Jake said…
So apparently you have not solved the issue of how do you keep the kids young, cuddly, sweet and totally dependant on you for everything so it makes you feel needed? Let me know when you do, 'cuz I've got one last chance of keeping one that way and she starts kindergarten on the 8th. I fear I might lose her to the wicked game of how you say, "growing up"? Good Luck
Jenni said…
I know what you are saying. The big kids can grow up, but the little ones can't. They are little. I had only one big kid. And she is the shortest. It is so odd to see all these "little" kids at church at Seminary and HS. What fun?
Dennis said…
Just wait until they have little ones of their own, then you'll really feel old, funny, weird, insignificant, great, like you've earned it and all the other feelings that go along with seeing your children grow up.
Jake, it's not that I want them to stay little, so much as it is, dang, they grew up so FAST. I have trouble reconciling the fact that I habitually call Matt and Hayley "the little kids" when they aren't so much so anymore. It is a wicked game though and sometimes Time doesn't play fair.

I still can't wait for them all to be real people and not dependent on me.
Jen said…
So you're saying that one day my little Violet will one day be growing up and not be my (still) cuddly baby?!? Tell me it ain't so!

It is amazing to me to think of Hayley and Matt being so grown up these days. I still remember housesitting for you guys and trying to convince a toddler Hayley to eat her veggies at dinner. She was so sweet.

It is entirely not possible that Matt's voice is changing.