Running out of time

And thus begins the end, the end of Paul's high school running career. You have only 9 more months to read my posts and look at pictures of Paul running, so enjoy them (or not) while they last.

Friday was Paul's last time trial for the high school Cross Country running team. One of the mothers, Julie B, walked over to me, shedding a little tear along the way, and said, "I'm gonna be a mess all season."  She has senior twins on the team--one girl and one boy. The boy is one of the best runners the team has seen in many years.  She is also the team photographer.

Let the pictures begin!
Before he could run in the time trial, he had to put on his spikes.

It took him several minutes to tie his shoes.  MINUTES.

Maybe he needs a refresher course in tying shoelaces.

Finally the shoes were tied. And now, it's time to play "Where's Paul-do?"

There he is!

And there he goes!

Paul came in second, behind Steven B, whom Paul knew he wouldn't and couldn't catch. Forgive me for bragging, but it was quite nice to hear another mom tell me after I had said that my runner was a senior, "So your son is one of the fast ones."  I wanted to reply, "Only at CC. He does everything else, like tying his shoelaces, at a snail's meticulous pace."

Run, Paul, run!


Jenni said…
I look forward to the last year of running pictures from Prior Lake. I take pictures at every football game. They look the same to everyone else, but to me there are all different!! I understand and appreciate!!
Jen said…
It is weird to think this is Paul's last year of running for high school. Who knows though, maybe he will continue on with it in college. Then he can send you pictures of himself running to post on the blog. Glad to see that Paul could finally figure out how to tie his shoes.

Way to go, Paul!