The Gir who makes things up herself

Yes, I meant to type "Gir."  You'll get it in a little bit (if you keep reading).

So the little Cheeky girl has been a-crafting lately. She likes to get into my yarn and leave yarn poop trails through the house. (no, she doesn't really poop the yarn out, but it is her mess. She is a yarn-cutting-leaver-arounder)

So this most recent craft had her making black pompoms (with my help), and crocheting with lime green:
 She found a pattern for this hat on the interweb somewhere and printed it off, only to discover that it was for knitting, not crocheting. She doesn't like knitting, so she decided to make up her own pattern. And, to make matters even harder for her, she only crochets in a circular pattern. But she was not afraid of the obstacles, and pressed forward in her quest for a crocheted cartoon character's head as a hat.

The cartoon character's name is Gir, by the way (do you get my little pun now?). She made the hat so she could dress up like Gir with some friends who want to dress up like other Invader Zim characters (I am "woefully" ignorant of this Invader Zim cartoon but you can see the top of Gir's head on Hayley's shirt in the above picture).  Here is a picture of Gir the cartoon character:
 Hayley did a pretty good job.


Jenni said…
Very nice!! She would be an accelerated student in my class. I'm teaching design and the kids have to make things up. She is gifted in design! Even more better, she isn't afraid of the challenge. Most kids these days are afraid of things they don't know how to do and give up before they start. Good job Hayley, it's gir-ate!!
Hayley says in reply when I read your comment "it's gir-ate!!" out loud to her, "Hahahaha, that was...PUNNY! And I wish I could take her class."
Dennis said…
I admire people with talent (as I have none) and all of your chillins have a large amount of said talent.
Jen said…
That is so cool! Hayley definitely has a talent for design and creativity. She should start to be included on our crafting days, at the very least to help inspire us.

P.S. Tell her to put me down for her first order:)