Because you've heard enough about EJ getting ready for a mission

I'll post something non-EJ or church related.

How about crafts?
Or food?
Or both?

Yesterday was a refreshing day of few commitments. I made dinner but few people were at home to eat it.

Dave (not that you read this), I used some of the IQF* beef you are "storing" in my freezer for my chili last night. I learned that 20 lbs of IQF ground beef in a box does not come in smaller quantities when you open the box. Nope, I had to scoop out what I estimated I needed (2 lbs) out of this:

Yes, it looks like worms. It weirds me out every time I look at it. But we ate the chili anyway, those of us who were at home.

And now for my craft. I haven't crafted in ages. I have been meaning to do a craft for ages because I'm so often at home these days and I have lots of craft supplies. For the craft that I wanted to do, however, I needed vinyl letters and wooden blocks, neither of which I had. But I do have acquaintances who do. So I turned to them in my time of need and was supplied with both. And I made this:

It's a valentine's day decoration. In case you can't tell, each picture is Jim and me together. Sappy, I know, but each picture is a favorite of mine. I didn't use actual photographs; I scanned them (or already had them on the computer) and changed them to black and white and printed them on regular copy paper. I had heard not to do the craft with ink jet printed pictures because the ink will smear when coated with Mod Podge, but I found a suggestion online somewhere that if you spray ink jet pics with matte finishing spray, the ink won't run. I happened to have some of the spray on hand. So I tried it. And, joy of joys, the ink did not smear.

So I have a lovely personalized decorative item for Valentine's day.

*New acronym I've learned: IQF means Individually Quick Frozen.


Jen said…
Hip hip hooray for crafting! I really like this idea and how it turned out. A very nice reminder of the smoochy love you and Jim share. It really is embarrassing to be around you two. You know, with all the constant smooching in front of everyone.

Word verification: wallyhoo
Mike said…
I like how each 'ground' of ground beef has to be frozend individually. I bet my chickens would like a few minutes of pecking into that box. Now you just need word towers that says 'live' and 'laugh'. Ha!!!!
PS good luck Jimmy prepping
Jen, next time we are visiting with you, we'll need the whole couch so we can make out in front of your children.

Mike, I have contemplated lining my blocks up so they spell "vole." I'll let you make the "live" and "laugh" blocks for me. Kthanks.