Mists of Burnsville

Jim came in from moving the truck out of the driveway so I could drive to seminary, and he said, "It's foggy out."

I thought, yeah yeah. Fog. Whatever.

So I got in my van and started down the road to the church. I drove along and drove along (no that's not a typo, it's my love of fairy tales peeking through. As in whenever we told stories to each other, there was always and phrase, "she went along and went along" meaning she walked for a time) I did note that the fog was more foggy than usual. But I was seeing other cars and I could see stoplights so I was fine.

I drove for a bit more and saw a stoplight ahead. I thought to myself because no one else was in the car and I don't have to vocalize to talk to myself, "Ah. Here is the stoplight at county road 5. I will turn right here."

As I pulled up to the stoplight to turn, I looked around and I almost screamed. I was not at county road 5, I was a mile farther up the road. I saw the bank and the jewelry store which are right by the mall (which I couldn't see because of the fog), where I thought LA Fitness and the India Palace should have been. I had missed my turn COMPLETELY without realizing it. It was very unsettling.

I realized I have been reading too many sci-fi stories because my first thought was either I had somehow gone through a wormhole in space or traveled forward in time. Then I realized the fogginess had impaired my ability to judge distance and space and then I started thinking about creatures of the mist and scary things.

And then I calmed down and turned right past the mall and drove to church a different way.

But I'm still a little creeped out.


ha ha. I'm glad you weren't sucked into a wormhole.
Jen said…
Fog is a creepy thing. Mike and I used to say that the ghosts were out and were trying to suck out our essences. We like to tell the girls that, too. It allows for some good family bonding.

I'm glad you made it to church safe and sound even if by a different route.
Jenni said…
Fog is a plague here. 10 people were killed the other day in fog related crashes. So I'm glad you are okay and you made it where you were going without too much hassle.
Jake said…
And I was foggy, rather groggy
You helped me to my car
The binding belt enclosing me
A sample in a jar

Lyrics to a Phish song I always think of when it's foggy out.
Jake said…
Sorry, one more thing...I think Sasquatch hunting is best in the fog. Apparently, that's when the "squatches" can move around better. We've been watchin "finding Sasquatch" a little bit. Good humor. Their leaps of logic on the show are the best.