The Blues

We'll be singing the Blues this summer--Cougar Blues. Paul was accepted to BYU Provo for summer semester.

He broke the news in typical Paul fashion:

He came home from work, walked into the basement while texting, grunted hello. Said work was sporadically busy and sporadically not busy, logged onto the computer, checked something out (I didn't know what at the time because I was engrossed in "Downton Abbey"), and then he mumbled, "oh, I got accepted to BYU for summer."

He was so low-key about it that I didn't know what he meant at first. And he didn't specify which BYU either, although I guessed Provo because I already knew that BYU I had accepted him.

We've just sent EJ away a week and a half ago, and now we are sending Paul away in 4 months.

I kind of feel like there's a brick wall somewhere, waiting to come smack me in the face. These kids and their growing up! How did they manage to do it so fast?


Dennis said…
That's fantastic!! What a treat for Katie and Morgan. Go Paul, go, run Paul, run.
Jen said…
This is such exciting news. Congrats to Paul! I can't believe it's only 4 months away. It certainly is going to be strange and quiet in your home in a few, short months.
Jake said…
Paul, well done! Four months is going to go by quickly. Is Jim going to have another Lil Red Truck Trip across the country? Good Luck!
Jessie said…
So exciting!! Congrats, Paul!
Jenni said…
Yipee yahooie!! This is great news! I'm sure he is excited on the inside. Pretty soon, you will hear crickets chirping around your house as you and Jim stare at each other across the table and ask, "Where is everyone?"