Mayonnaise and math

I dislike big school projects even more now that I'm not the one doing them. I'm usually asked to help at the precise moment when I can least spare the time and there are usually tears involved (although miraculously, not usually mine)

Matt had a project for math class due last week. It was called the Paul Bunyan project. They had to make a model of something and scale it to Paul Bunyan proportions (which I don't know the exact ratio). Hayley had to do the same thing two years ago, and she chose to do a dental floss container. 

Matt originally chose to do a CD, but the final size of the project would have been nearly 7 feet tall and wide. He finally settled on doing a mayonnaise packet--the kind you find in restaurants. 

I'm happy to report that Matt didn't leave the actual making of the project until the last minute. He worked on a little bit each day for over a week, so the last night before the project was due, all he had to do was fill the packet with newspaper and seal it shut.

Much as I hate these projects, I have to admit they are cool to look at.
Matt is holding the mayo packet that inspired him
Matt's name had to be somewhere on the project itself, so he put it in the list of ingredients.


Jenni said…
THAT IS AMAZING!! Very cool project, although I share your feeling about projects. GRRRR
Dennis said…
Very interesting and de3pend on Matt to add his name to list of ingredients. Great job Matt!
Jen said…
Wow, Matt! That turned out awesome. I originally thought how did he find a mayo label that big because it looks so authentic.

I agree about big projects, hate them. As a student I would always wait until the last minute. I can imagine I'll have a lot of project headaches in my future with the girls. So looking forward to it.
TaterBean said…
Dang! I wish that I was required to do a project like that. It looks like fun!