The Earl of Sammich

First off, I'm baking tonight. SOMEbody decided to have his 50th birthday tomorrow. I still don't really have any great ideas for decorating his cake (no over the hill stuff--it's passe. Plus all that black frosting stains everything, especially my tongue) so if you have any brilliant ideas I would love for you to share them with me.

I realized this afternoon that Jim is lucky because he got to wait an extra day to turn 50. Normally his birthday is the day after Feb 28th but not this year. Someone squeezed a Leap day in here just so Jim could enjoy an extra day of being in his 40s.

In other news, Paul invented a new sandwich, which I had to share with you. In my opinion it is nasty, but he seemed to like it. I like the ingredients individually, but when he put them all together I felt a little queasy.

The official recipe is as follows: one slice of bread, spread with Nutella, evenly space peanut butter m&ms on the Nutella. Nother slice of bread, spread peanut butter on it. Apply one side to the other, with spreads facing each other.



I do like nutella and PB together. HB to Jim!
What a sandwich! .. plech is right
TaterBean said…
Too bad I finished off my pb m&ms just the other day. :( Oh well, I'll try it some other time. As for dad's cake...the Beatles are always a safe bet. LOL