And she shall bring forth cupcakes

I have started baking for the party. What party you say? This party:

I'm starting out easy. I'm doing cupcakes today. I would have jumped right into the cake, but I don't have the giant pan on hand. I have to borrow it from mother.

Since I'm not sure what else to blog about, I'll have to resort to the Ten Things.

1. Did you know Hayley has taken up the cymbals? She was bored in band class because they are doing marching, and bassoonists don't march. So she picked up a pair of cymbals and starting banging them together. She'll march in the Memorial Day parade...
2. which Jim and I were looking forward to skipping. Paul's not marching in it and we were thinking we could have a year off for once. We've been going since Katie was in 8th grade. But Hayley and her cymbals have wrecked that plan.
3. Of course I will take pictures.
4. I've been rereading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books since our trip to Plum Creek and Walnut Grove last week. Those books never get old.
5. Four more days of seminary. I will miss my class, but I won't miss getting up so early in the morning.
6. We had a great seminary class.
7. Hayley says she's going to clean her room.
8. I don't know if I believe her.
9. I went to bed early last night and was able to sleep in spite of someone practicing his trombone.
10. Paul is leaving us soon. I still can't manage to believe it. The "older kids" in the family will all be out of the house. The "little kids" will just be "the kids."


Jen said…
You are so organized! I'd wait until the day of or before to start making cupcakes and then freak out that the party is just a day away and end up just buying hundreds of cupcakes. So a big congrats to you for not being a procrastinator like me.

Have fun at the parade. We are going to a carnival that is in the mall parking lot tonight. I'm not expecting much, but the girls are excited, nonetheless.

It does seem to odd to think of Paul as moving away in a mere few weeks.