A Memorial Day Parade miracle!

In honor of the holiday and of the many veterans who have served our country, we spent the morning in traditional Memorial Day mode: searching for our kid in a sea of marching dark blue uniforms.

And the angels smiled down upon us, for... (long dramatic pause to give me time to wipe away a fake tear of emotion)

...today marked the very first time I was able to spot one of my children in the marching band while they were actually marching down the street. (I'm not counting the year Katie was drum major because she was wearing a different uniform than the rest of the band)

Yes, I saw Hayley! And I got decent pictures of her.
She was in the very middle so it didn't matter which side of the street I was on--usually I end up on the opposite side of whoever I want to see marching.

Like other marching Evanses, she woudn't react when I shouted out her name several times. Actually, niether did the kid in the 8th grade marching band when I shouted his name (the kid is one of Matt's best friends. They spend practically every Saturday together).

Posing with the cymbals

I posted this because I suddenly realized that when she is dressed in a marching band uniform with the hair covered up, Hayley looks a lot like Katie.
Now for a short video clip showing Hayley's incredible prowess with the cymbals:
Yes, Hayley has the capability to smash two giant round things together at least three times in time with the music!


Jenni said…
Congrats on finally getting it all right and finding your own kid. It is harder than one would think. So...how many more years of Memorial Day Parades?

And maybe you should get some guinea hens to take care of this tick problem you seem to have!!

Glad the rain paused for a moment.
Karie said…
I love the rogue tick.
Jen said…
Yay for finally being able to spot your own child. I'm sure it is difficult with all the kids nearly identical. Hayley does look like Katie in those last two pictures. OK, a quick story. Last night we went to the Farmers' home (remember them, they sat briefly with us at the SDDA Mixer). All four of their kids looked identical to each other except just different heights or lengths of hair, but the bizarre thing was that NONE of the kids looked remotely like the parents. I just had to relay that information to you.

We're going to bring you a guinea fowl with us to give to you to keep with you at all times when ticks are near, which seems to be quite often for you. Awww, it'll be so cute, you can get a little leash for him/her. It's settled!
Mike said…
Symbols eh...