Ten things from our temporary Mexican

This probably should go on EJ's mission blog, but since it's going to be told through my interpretation, I guess I'll put it here. Maybe I'll post it there too.  We'll see what the wind says I should do.

1. He sounded alive
2. He baptized two members of a family this past week.
3. He hates the small businesses that operate like an ice cream truck, only they sell gas tanks (propane?) and the music is much much much louder because they have speakers mounted on the top of their vehicles. The jingles are much more annoying too, partly because he doesn't know what they are saying.
4. He likes tortas, which are akin to eating tacos using special sliced bread.
5. He thinks he's much closer to the sun. The tops of his ears are brown, he says.
6. He thinks he'll be in Los Pinos for at least 4 1/2 months--three with his trainer and another transfer as the area expert but junior companion.
7. He doesn't know what his address is, but he was able to describe how to get to his apartment from the Los Pinos chapel. Jim looked it up on google earth and we think we know where he lives.
8. He says he eats very little for breakfast and dinner, but lunch is HUGE. The church members who feed them REALLY like to feed them and he says that he barely finishes off one plate, when they've filled up his plate again. He has to start telling them early on that he's full and can't eat another bite.
9. If he does get hungry when it's not lunch time, he says there are tiendas all over the place and for 3 pesos (25 cents) he can get any variety of pastry or bread to tide him over. He says the tiendas are even in neighborhoods, somewhat like having a neighbor's garage door open all the time and you could go in and buy staples at any time of day.
10. It was a short call, 30 minutes, but it was enough to know he is happy and upbeat, and whatever we get billed for the phone call, it will have been worth it.


Jenni said…
I look forward to your posts every week. It is very exciting to watch his mission unfold. I am really happy you got to talk to him yesterday and learn a little more about his life. You'll have to show me the google earth stuff! And, I should start selling stuff out of my house.
Jen said…
Wow, he's already had some baptisms! It sounds like he's making himself at home there and is being taken care of by the members. $0.25 for something! I don't think anything in America is less than a dollar unless you count bubble gum machines. I would be in trouble if I had a tienda a few feet from my house and could buy things for $0.25. I'd be there hourly.

It's fun hearing about all of E.J.'s adventures.
Dennis said…
I love reading about EJ's mission and his experiences. I don't know if I could go on only 1 substantial meal a day (maybe I should try it to lose some weight). I'm so happy that he is happy.