The Compound

After the convention mixer on Friday night, Jim and I stayed overnight in Sioux Falls. Our kids are growing up and Paul was more than capable of being the man of the house for one night while we were away.  We didn't have to hurry home anymore than we had to hurry there.

We met Jen and Mike for breakfast at the hotel in the morning. They were able to stay overnight because they have a compound apprentice (niece Morgan) on site for a bit and were able to utilize her as a babysitter.

We drove up to see the Compound and have lunch with the Hawleys and Ms Smith.

Since I was there last, Mike has added a calf, two pigs, several dozen pheasants, some guinea hens and a couple of barn cats. I had to see the new additions.

I can't get enough of Mike's birds, and these pheasant babies are no exception. I had to dip my hand in the vat of peeping chicks and grab a couple. They are so cute.

This is a post Morgan helped install. She dug the hole and helped insert the pole into it. The pen is going to be used for the piggies.

I can't remember which bunny this is, but he was very cuddly. He made cute little munching noises as he ate the carrot I offered. 

Rochester and Gavin, aka Ribs and Bacon. When they are butchered, I get some of the meat.

Violet just oooooozes attitude. And she toted a cat everywhere she went. The kitty bore the toting with no resistance. Kitties--the new fashion accessories.
But Lewis was the star of the day. He is so cute. He loves Mike and Morgan. He frolicked for us and ran around like a puppy.
The cutest thing Lewis did was he nibbled on Morgan's shirt and shorts pocket flap. It made Morgan laugh and laugh.
After visiting with the animals, we decided to have lunch at a local cafe. THAT was an interesting experience. We walked in, all 8 of us, and immediately increased the number of patrons by 800%. The hostess/cook/waitress was at least 80 and she was hooked up to an oxygen tank. We started to sit down at one of the two tables, and she barked at us to sit at the other table so her oxygen tank cord could reach. I thought to myself, "Well why even HAVE the second table if you can't waitress at it? Or even move the table. There is plenty of room here." I also noticed that there was a table with a nebulizer machine on it, with all the tubes and plastic breathing pieces situated as if to air dry. It also appeared to be a storage shed of some kind. It was quite a dining experience. I will have to go back when the proprietor/hostess/waitress/cook/storer of many things/nebulizer user/oxygen tank breather says we can have breakfast. She told us yesterday when we sat down "Only order sandwiches." She didn't want us to order anything that was on the breakfast side of the menu because she was closing up shop at 1 and didn't want to get all the stuff out that she had put away already. Jim said he thought she was mad that we showed up. Possibly, but we probably doubled her cash intake by showing up. So if you are ever visiting Jen and Mike and would like to experience curmudgeonly dining, ask them to take you to Tol's Cafe. It's right across the street from a building with the word "Sexhauer" on it.


Jen said…
We are so glad you guys decided to attend the SDDA mixer. I had a lot of fun just giggling with you. I'm still sad our black afros didn't show up:( It was good to see you enjoy the compound and meet all the new animals. Mike is wasting no time populating it. Would expect anything different? Lewis definitely does love Mike and Morgan. He could care less about the rest of us.

We definitely did have quite the experience at Tol's. It was certainly more fun than just eating at any ol' fast food franchise. I'm pretty sure she didn't like us in there because we didn't have the required oxygen tanks attached to our bodies like the one other patron that showed up.
Mike said…
I love that picture of Violet, she really does hold the cat with its body acting as a purse strap.