Sunshine therapy

I just got back from a refreshing walk. The sun was shining, a brisk breeze kept me from getting too hot, and butterflies and baby geese provided little moments of "Squeeee!"  And no icky insects flew down my throat--always a plus on any walk.  And I stayed on the cement at all times so hopefully no ticks were able to hitch a ride on any part of my clothing or body.

Paul's running updates:
Latest meet, he ran personal bests in both the 3200m and the 1600m, 10:14 and 4:34 respectively. He has 10 days off until his next meet. He doesn't have many more after that.

He also is done working in 2 weeks.

He graduates in less than a month. He leaves in a month and two days.

It is too weird a concept to comprehend.  Must take more sunshiney walks to compensate for mind-blowiness of Paul growing up.


Jenni said…
How nice to have such nice walking weather!! It was almost breezy here last night. Then it changed its mind. I can't believe that Paul is all grown up and you will be down to 2 kids left to assist in their progress toward adulthood and independence. Did you ever think this would happen?
Jen said…
I think sunshine therapy is the best cure for almost anything. Warming up, drying off, cheering up, de-paling, clearing up zits (so says Cosmo magazine), and so much more. This is definitely the best weather for being outside before it gets all buggy, muggy, just plain too hot.

Glad to hear that Paul is still improving with each meet. Can't believe he is so close to heading off to college.