International Falls and strange decor

Jim and I had a mini vacation Friday and Saturday. We drove all the way up to Canada, but weren't able to cross the border. One of these days we have to get passports. We went to the edge of Voyager's National Park, but again, didn't go in. This time, lack of a boat and camping supplies kept us from entering. We saw childhood homes of two famous people during our trip--Judy Garland and Bob Dylan. The Dylan house is a regular residence where someone lives and we felt like we had to be secretive about taking a picture.

Some pics from our trip:
I allowed myself to be photographed. That way you know I'm a real person.

Bob Dylan's childhood home. There was a street sign near it that said "Bob Dylan Drive." Other than that, there isn't any signage that this is the house. We looked it up on the internet and drove around until we found it.

A giant inflatable loon on a lake in the city of Virginia. Why is it there? I don't know.

Sculpture we passed along the highway in the Iron Range. It's one of the less strange highway sculpture I've seen.

What houses look like in Canada. Because I know you were wondering.

One of 8 iron-ons on the drapes in our motel room. Iron-ons on the drapes. Of an elk. There was a wolf, a ram, some deer, and a moose. Very classy, no?

Seagulls on Pelican Lake. (I fully expect to see pelicans on Seagull Lake)
I don't have a pic of Judy Garland's home, but Jim has it on his phone.

Next on our vacation list: somewhere else we can reach by car in less than 8 hours, especially if there is a motel with iron-ons on the drapes, and deer stickers on the A/C unit.


Jenni said…
I have to say that the inflatable loon is my favorite. Iron sculptures are so haute coture. I'm looking for campy!! I can't imagine someone thinking the iron-ons were a good idea, though. I'm glad you had a nice get-away. It looked like a nice, comfy, cozy place to go. You don't want to go to Canada anyway, what with their fake Monopoly money and all...
Jen said…
That looks like such a relaxing trip. I'm cracking up at those iron-ons. Why would anyone EVER think those are on-trend?
Jake and Steph said…
Sounds like a great trip. I was soo happy to see Dylan's childhood home!
aladino said…
neat Dylan house and sculpture. Allan Clark.
Hello, the loon was actually to help celebrate Virginia's Lake of the Loon Festival. I'd love to use it in a mailing my church is doing if that'd be alright.
Go ahead and use the image, Anthony. And thanks for explaining.