Matt and Jim go for a ride

I've spent most of the day by myself. Hayley ditched me for friends and shopping, and Jim and Matt went on a bike ride in Wisconsin.

The trail was an old rail line that had been converted to a bike path. They went 22 miles on it from Elroy to Sparta. The weather was perfect for a long bike ride. The trees were decked out in their finest fall colors. They went through two tunnels, one a half mile, and the second was nearly a mile. Jim says you could see the dot of the light at the other end, but it was a LONG tunnel, you think you'd walked a long way, and then you'd look back and the entrance behind you was still closer than the one you were walking to. To make it even more challenging, it was dark. There were no lights in these tunnels and they had to walk the bikes the entire length. Jim brought a couple of headlamps along which was a good thing because some of the kids didn't bring flashlights. The other thing about the tunnels was that they were surprisingly cold and there was water dripping from the ceiling.

Jim said also that they really didn't stop much on their 10-2 ride. My butt is sore even thinking about riding for nearly FOUR HOURS nonstop. I can barely tolerate the stationary bike for 10 minutes.

Here are a few pictures:

Matt on the left

a scenic ride

before the shorter tunnel


Jake and Steph said…
The tunnels make it worthwhile to go to WI to ride bikes. Did they come across any Amish?
Jenni said…
That looks like a great time! The tunnels would have been a fun adventure!!

And how nice to have a peaceful day at home!!! That is the best thing ever!
Jen said…
What a wonderful time Matt and Jim must have had. 22 miles is a long trip to ride a bike, so good for them. Those tunnels sound eerie but really cool to go through on foot. It must've been nice for you, too, to get some alone time.
Mike said…
I have been to Sparta!!! There is even an LDS branch there. Fun bike ride, was it for scouts? Tunnels are cool...