Monday Music

We're 8 days into the school year, and Matt has already had a band concert. I thought Matt was joking when he said he had a concert, but he kept insisting and then I got an email from the band teacher.

The 8th grade bands from both middle schools played together at the high school for the Fall Community Fest. They stood outside the high school in a marching formation (without the actual marching).

I realize Matt has been growing up, but I can't tell you how weird it was to see him waving to GIRLS. And they waved back!

I managed to take a few pictures.

Ignore the cheesy smile. He was being goofy.

He's not so short anymore. He is almost average. Please ignore the fact that his trombone sleeve is on upside down. He even tried to fix it, but it didn't work. He insists he got an upside down sleeve.

Sidenote: Matt is really looking A LOT like his oldest brother.


Jen said…
That is NOT Matt in the first picture. Holy cow he is looking older and more like Jimmy. Whodathunk? I'm getting hammered with stuff from school already, too. Aren't we supposed to get like a 3 month grace period into the school year before we have to get involved?
Jenni said…
He is getting so much taller and Jimmy-ish. Haha Fun to see him doing old kid things and all. I called you and you didn't answer (home phone). Now I know where you were.
Dennis said…
I called too but it was very early Sun morning (1:30) and they didn't answer either (can't understand why) but I was educated by Sara that they don't usually answer the home phone and that I should call their cell. M@ is getting taller but I hadn't noticed the EJ look-alike.
I do answer the home phone when I'm available to do so. Jim got to the phone too late, by the time he answered, there was only dial tone. And we don't have caller id or voicemail on the house phone so we didn't know who called. So all I meant was that if you want to be sure we get back to you, call our cell phones. Although be advised, Hayley and Katie are under the impression that I never have mine with me.
TaterBean said…
It's because you don't. lol