Ten things on a Saturday night...

...after being a single parent for a week, teaching seminary, and working. Oh yeah, and in the middle of planning for a wedding.

1. I like eggplant only as a color. There is a lot of the color eggplant going on in my head right now since that is the color Kate wants (along with silver) as a decorative theme for this wedding of hers.

2. I will never ever ever eat eggplant ever. I don't like tomatoes either, but I will eat chili, spaghetti sauce, ketchup and the occasional slice on a Wendy's single with no cheese. If ketchup, chili, or spaghetti sauce were made with eggplant, I would not eat them. 

3. Ever.

4. The TV is on in my room. I am not in my room. I am wasting electricity. Mom used to charge us a nickel every time she walked into the basement room I shared with my sister and the light was left on and we weren't in the room. I'd be destitute if mother did that now at my house. Not only do I leave lights on when I leave a room, sometimes even when I leave the house.

5. Nope. Still don't like eggplant the vegetable. Even the sight of it makes me slightly nauseous and triggers a low-grade anxiety attack.

6. I really need to get started on sewing Hayley's bridesmaid dress. In order to get going on that, I have knitted several dishcloths. Avoidance is my middle name.

7. Not really. Avoidance is my coping mechanism.

8. Geez, between avoidance, anxiety, and nausea triggered by the sight of something, I sound like I'm teetering on the edge of the basket. But not so. I can handle life. In my own way.

9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of a freshly laundered quilt.

10. The bathroom has been painted and the ceiling shows barely a trace of a former skylight.

Now to bed. Jim won't be home from his Cali trip until after midnight. He will probably wake me up to say hello. It will be good to have him back. I nearly died from doing the dishes all week.

Not really.

But almost.


Jenni said…
1. I agree about eggplant. Love the color; will never eat the vegetable.

2. Avoidance is also my middle name. Mom must have really liked the name to use it twice.

3. I did dishes all week, too, and it nearly killed me.

4. Looking forward to a wedding!!
Jen said…
Agreed, eggplant is not edible. Only to be used as a color. You painted a room in your house and have not posted pictures of it yet? What is wrong with you?!? Ooh, I can't wait to see what you sew up for Hayley. I wouldn't even dare sew a bridesmaid dress (or a wedding one for that matter), so I think you are entitled to some avoidance. Shall I call the Wahmbulance for you for having to do the dishes all week? Try not having a dishwasher and always being the sold dishwasher of the house. I'm pretty sure the reason my shoulder is so sore is from all the handwashing of dishes I've had to do for over a year now. Wah!!!!
Jen said…
*sole not sold
TaterBean said…
Never tried an eggplant...I don't think. And, what? There is not skylight anymore?!?!?! It must be complete pitch black in that bathroom! (The lights in there do NOT work very well...)
Jake and Steph said…
Somebody might take your distaste for eggplant as a personal challenge. The same somebody who would infuse my vegetarian sisters' popovers with pork fat. Beware.
Jake and Steph said…
Shout out to all you eggplant haters. Yes eggplant is repugnant at its surface. The skin has no redeeming qualities. The flesh if eaten raw leaves one thinking, "I want to wash my mouth with alum." I'm pretty sure vegetarians are all too embarassed to say that thay don't actually like it but eat it to maintain some sort communal acceptance (Katie, I don't refer to you since you have not eaten of the eggplant. However, if prepared properly,eggplant can be a great addition to many meals. I'm not talking eggplant ice cream or a fried eggplant salad. I'm talikng about baba ghanoush. Katie, it will now be present at your reception whether you like it or not. It will just arrive, unannounced, beautifully presented and you will get great comments on the hummus (as most people will mistake it). They all will have unexpectedley eaten eggplant, liked it and lived. Boo-yah!!
TaterBean said…
AHAHAHAHA! I'm down with eggplant, as I have not yet tried it. :P