Twas the month 'fore October

And all over my rooms,
appeared pumpkins, and witches
astride their wood brooms.
It's that time of year, I've
looked forward with glee
to putting out decorations
for All Hallow's Eve!

Jim got the box down this morning (and I think there is another box still to bring in) and I'm going to be preparing the house for the onslaught of orange and black, which means I have to remove the clutter from tabletops and piano tops and half walls and shelves, and then dust all horizontal surfaces that will be hosting decorative ornaments of the Halloween variety.

New this year to the Halloween menagerie are:
Ceramic pumpkins that Jim bought for me while vacationing in Cali. The purple one might make an appearance at Kate's MN reception. Keep an eye out for it.
Halloween subway print a friend gave me
A vinyl sticker I expertly applied to a pre-painted board

A candy corn dish from my mother who knows I love candy corn. It has already held two bags of disappearing candy corn
I am open to mockery of my obsession over Halloween. Go ahead. I can take it.


Jenni said…
Really like the new additions!! I have a wedding shower here on October 13, so the Halloween decor must wait. So sad. Enjoy your decorating and enjoy the results!! No mockery here.
Jen said…
Me likey the new stuff a lot. You know you have scarred me for life with candy corn...anytime I see a candy corn themed item I can't help but think that you NEED it. However, now I'm really ticked at you because I won't be able to eat candy corn for at least for the next two Halloweens because of these dumb braces. Boo!