6 Days and the kids are finally back in school

Matt and Hayley weren't that much trouble though.

Another missionary came home yesterday. When we had EJ's farewell open house, we combined with two other families who had missionaries leaving the week before EJ. Well, those two other boys are now home.

From the mother's point of view, waiting for a missionary to come home is a lot like being pregnant, only when the child comes, 1) he'll be fully functional and will be able to communicate (although I expect some Spanglish), 2) I know the exact date and time of his arrival, and 3) I won't feel like I've been beat up afterwards.

I drove Hayley and Matt to seminary this morning and when I got home, Jim had made breakfast. This was a first! I almost wondered if he had an ulterior motive. But no, he was just being nice. I think he's going to miss me a little (I have to go to the office today and I'll be there til Friday).


Jenni said…
WHOO HOO!! Under a week!! Our kids here were so put out that we didn't get a day off from school. It was 39 and rainy. In actuality, I would've liked a day off. I think it would have been nice to have a snow day in Florida before I leave. Have fun in SoDak!!
Jen said…
Oh, I can only dream of a "peaceful" snow day. Do those really exist? Jim is so thoughtful.