8 days and blood pressure

We got our missionary emails today and that leaves JUST ONE MORE FROM EJ. Only one more mission email EVER from him! And at that time, he will probably be finished with normal missionary work because it will be Pday and he will most likely be going to the mission office and staying there until Tues morning when his flight leaves. HIS FLIGHT TO MINNEAPOLIS!

I went to the dentist today (not the one that I work for) and got my teeth cleaned. I like going to my local dentist because the hygienist and the dentist spend the whole time telling me how great my teeth are. It's a half-an-hour love-fest. Today we added another hygienist to the party, because my regular one had carpal tunnel surgery. Whenever I need a self-esteem boost, I get my teeth cleaned. I can hardly leave without feeling like I've won a beauty pageant.

Anyway, yes, my teeth are still beautiful, but I was worried about one thing: they like to take my blood pressure. I was concerned because certain members of my family have started taking meds for high bp (and it was quite high) and I thought well, if Mr. Fill-in-the-blank has high bp, I probably have even higher. Also, just before I left for my appointment, I kept getting phone calls, and getting more phone calls while I was on the phone, and had to rush around in order to get to the appointment on time. So there was no time for deep breathing prior to the appointment to get the bp as low as possible.

I need not have worried though, it turned out to be 124/80, which was much better than it was last time I was in to see the dentist. I'm a happy camper today. I think my renewed effort to exercise is paying off, even if I'm still not quite a size 2. (HA. Like that will ever happen!)

Also, yesterday at church, we heard from another recently returned missionary and before he spoke, the bishop got up and invited this missionary's mother to come up and say a few words about the blessings of having a son serve a mission. I had a micro panic attack because what if the bishop wants me to do that too? I really don't want to get up and cry/not cry and gush about being a missionary parent. I would rather sit back and listen to EJ talk. More time for him! I caught Jim's eye on the stand and mouthed, "I'm not going to do that." He nodded at me. I relaxed. Jim is in charge of the program next month when EJ will give his homecoming talk, so I figured I could trust that Jim would not ask me to stand up and say something. Matt leaned over to me and said "So are you going to have to get up when Jimmy comes home?" I said, "No, Dad just said I wouldn't have to." Someone else made the same comment to me later at church too. And I said, "Nope! I'm off the hook. I already told Jim not to even ask me to do it." But then the Bishop got a hold of me after church and said, "I really liked what happened today with Sr P getting up and speaking before her son did and I want you to do the same thing." Grrrrr. So now I'm a liar.

Come hear EJ speak on Feb 9. Sacrament meeting starts at 1. Come even though you would have to listen to me too.

Also also, 4th day of no school because of the cold.


Jen said…
Woot woot to all above! I'm impressed with your shiny teeth skills. It must feel nice to have everyone ooh and aah over them. I'm happy to hear that you're hitting the gym. I've been trying to get back on track, too. It's amazing how quickly or bodies go downhill after "only" a few months off. It's so unfair!

I hope you stomped on your bishop's foot and ran away after he sprung that little trick on you (j/k...I would never condone violence).