5 days and I'm at work

I'm in South Dakota today at the office.

I drove in yesterday afternoon/evening. It takes about 3 1/2 hours to get to Mike's from my house, and I usually stop for a fast food dinner somewhere. I shouldn't, but I do.

In order to keep myself awake, I have invented a little routine. I have a bag of some sort of vegetable, yesterday it was baby carrots. I have a cut up fruit of some kind, yesterday it was clementines. Then I get a bag of what I call packing material (cheese puffs of some kind. Guess why I call them packing material?). And then I get a water bottle.

After every small town I pass through while driving, I eat one baby carrot, one clementine, and 3 pieces of packing material, then I take one drink of water. And yes, that helps me stay awake. I don't get too bored either because I think, "9 miles til the next town and then I get to eat a little snack after that." It's very helpful. The only trouble is that once I get through Clarkfield (taking one way) or Dawson (taking the other way), I have a whole long stretch of nothing, at least 45 minutes either way. And then I might sneak a few handfuls of packing material (don't tell).

It's better than a Coke. And I'm not up all night.


Jenni said…
Sounds like a good travel plan. I hope your days in the office are productive and enjoyable.

And 5 more days!!
Jen said…
Glad you made it here safely. I always enjoy your visits, though short. Your snack routine sounds like a good idea for travel, well have to give it a try on my next trip. Just think, only 4 more days now!