One of those days

In a good way.

I was actually motivated to do housework. I also actually had time to do it. I had the whole day yesterday to get things accomplished. Too bad my quadriceps felt like dogs had shredded them, thanks to an overzealous personal trainer who "just wanted to see where I was at fitness-wise." Never trust personal trainers! after three sets of walking lunges, I wanted to chop my legs off. And then his. (I signed up at a little fitness club and with the sign-up I got two free sessions with a personal trainer. First they get you to sign up, then they try to kill you for free) But I kept going--squat/jumps, squats on a half-ball thing, a wall sit, and then the trainer said, "Last one, burpees." I said, "Nope. I'm not going to do them." I would have put my foot down, but everything from my hips downward seemed to be possessed by Jell-O.

So anyway, my legs hurt. But I did housework anyway. In 15 minute increments. I love the 15 minute plan. I set the timer for 15 minutes and get to work. When the timer goes off, I reset it for 15 minutes, but instead of working, I get to do whatever I want. Read, do crossword puzzles, stare at the wall, pet the cats, whatever. Then I do 15 minutes of work, and keep switching between work and fun until all the jobs are crossed off on my list or I can't possibly lift my arm to do another job. I find I work best this way; I get more accomplished than telling myself I can't do anything until I've done all my jobs. I vacuumed the couches thoroughly, emptied and filled the dishwasher, cleaned the counter off, folded laundry, washed the shower curtain along with several other loads of laundry, swept and mopped the entry way, etc. And I read and did several puzzles in my Games magazine.

Also, I started forcing Matt to clean his room. EJ will be OJ soon (and home soon) so we need to get that room fit for human habitation (yes, Matt has been living in inhospitable conditions, but they are of his own making so he deserves to sleep there).

I discovered that Matt has not thrown a single sock away since he was probably 6. I set myself the task of cleaning out his sock drawer, and I found the tiniest socks in his drawer. There were many many other socks in the drawer too, and instead of going through every single sock, I grabbed the first dozen pairs that looked like they would still fit him and weren't holey and threw the rest away. Now the drawer will actually close all the way.

Matt disassembled several lego sets that are going into storage. A cushy job, but fraught with the potential of ripping fingernails. He has been displaying all his Lego sets but it's time to put them away and make room for other things on that shelf.

I hope that by the time EJ/OJ comes home, there will be a dresser for him (which means we will have to box up all of Paul's stuff) and room to walk on the floor.

Also, Hayley wants to paint her room and so we have been working on cleaning out her room too. She has grand ambitions for that cubbyhole that we assigned to be her room. I don't know precisely what they are, but I do know it involves sawing off the legs of the bedframe she has been using. I just shake my head. I am not the one that is going to saw the legs off, so I am not going to protest.

And now it is Sunday and I should get ready for church.


Dennis said…
The 15 on 15 off sounds like an excellent plan. Glad it worked for you. Maybe Matt has a sock fettish. I tried shortening a chair once by cutting off a few inches of the4 legs. Didn't work because I could never get the legs the same length. Be warned.
Jen said…
Way to go with the trainer! I remember when I signed up in WI they offered the same deal, but I shied away from it. I love the 15 MinuteI plan idea. should try that. I usually just wait until someone is on their way over and frantically clean until I have a heart attack.

Can't believe EJ (OJ) will be homeI so soon. have the same problem with socks. I finally went through mine this fall. I had some dating back to high school.
Jenni said…
What a great plan! It's like the ADD plan!! Only your off-task time is planned! I felt inspired to clean. Then I realized I am not in my own house. Although the bathroom needs cleaning. I got laundry done!

Good for you with the trainer. My goal is to start yoga when cheer ends. It is my goal to regain mental stability!! Everyone wants to be a trainer, but they don't realize that no one likes trainers!!
Jake Hawley said…
I have read your blog post and enjoyed it.