9 days and a stupid cat

I got a Samsung mini-tablet for my birthday, and with it came a very lovely white charging cord. The best thing about this charging cord is that it's fast. It juices up my phone and the tablet much faster than any of the other cords I have hanging around the house.

Servo has recently discovered this cord and likes nothing better than to chew on it. I keep it in my room and over the last two days, if I forget to shut my bedroom door for any length of time, I'll go in my room and find Servo with the cord in his mouth.

This makes me very angry.

Magic likes to come in our room too, but all he does is hide out under the bed and lick himself.

So, now I have to be better at remembering to put the cord in a drawer when it isn't being used, and I have to remember to shut the bedroom door. Magic will have to find somewhere else to lick himself and Servo will have to stay out of my way for a while.

In other news, I made the mistake of taking Hayley out for driving practice yesterday after several inches of snow had fallen on the roads. We stayed on neighborhood roads, but she still got up enough speed to, not once, but TWICE, spin out in the middle of the road. The first time we ended up perpendicular to the flow of the traffic (luckily there was none), and the next time, we did a full 180. Luckily, we did not hit anything, not even a snowdrift at the side of the road. She did not like it the first time it happened, but the second time, she suggested we go to the high school parking lot and spin donuts.


And as an aside, here's a pop quiz: What do you think makes my legs most jelly-like? A) 40 gazillion lunges at the gym with the personal trainer, B) Hiking up sheer cliffs on a 12" wide path, or C) a 10 minute drive around the neighborhood with an inexperienced child at the wheel?

It's Jim's turn to be the driving coach for the next several years. 


Jenni said…
Teaching kids to drive = my least favorite thing!! And now I'll have to teach Maddie the ways of snow. She is already a hesitant driver.

I love cats. They are the funniest of pets. I miss my cats. Pet your cats for me.
Jake and Steph said…
I have allowed Dylan to back down the driveway, pull back up, back down and pull back up. He was very excited. That was when we still had the Toyota (which if hit with a harpoon, would have just been left with the harpoon wound). He has not driven the other vehicles, but it shant be too long before we resume minimal and baby-step versions of behind the wheel. Fun for all. BTW, Esther likes all of our charging cords also. She would be bored at Mom's house.
Mike said…
Sandy is our chewer although she prefers pencils, markers, and little hello kitty figurines left out by irresponsible children. You should knit a 'cozy' to slide over the charging cord and reduce the appeal for chewing.
Dennis said…
I remember trying to teach my daughters to drive. Sara and Jen went to the old Met parking lot and we had fun when I would all of a sudden yell STOP. Jessie's hands perspired so bad that the sweat was running down the steering wheel. The boys already knew how to drive. I think boys are born with this ability.
I don't have cats so nothing in my house gets chewed. Problem solved.
Jen said…
You know, I'm really starting to dislike cats! Those rats, errr I mean adorable kittens, are starting to use whatever the heck they want as litter boxes. Even right after we change their actual litter box. Then Mike let one of the tom cats inside because he thinks he gets bullied, and that punk decided to mark his territory. Everywhere! Now our mudroom reeks!

I don't like to think of Hayley and you spinning out while she's learning to drive, but at least it sounds like she's getting more confident behind the wheel!