Banding together

Band concerts. It's what's for dinner.  At least last Monday it was. And we had two helpings. One at 7 p.m., and one at 8:15. Fortunately the concerts were at the same school.

I knew they were coming up sometime, but I didn't know exactly when.  I was puttering around the house when Paul and Hayley came home from school. Paul said, "Oh yeah, Mom, I've got a band concert tonight."

And Hayley said, "Me too."

Sigh. Luckily I had "nothing else to do" that night.

Hayley did manage to let her Grandmother know long before she told me, and Grandmother had already made plans to attend.

Pictures, you ask? Why yes, I did. Hayley even reminded me to bring the camera. She likes having her picture taken. Paul treats it like a necessary inconvenience.

Anyway, here are just a couple.

Hayley bassoons away. She even had a solo in one song and she did very well.

Hayley flanked by two friends and a wanna-be photo bomber. If he stood still, he would have succeeded.

This is what Paul does to prepare himself for a band concert--he plays with his iTouch. (I like to call it a Touchie) (Paul likes to ignore me when I call it that)

Paul and his shelf o' hair blast away on the french horn.
What is coming up this week? No band concerts! Last weekend's calendar was packed with events. This week is more sedate, thank goodness. I have work to do at home. Like get the Valentine Treasure hunt going. And think about someone's 50th birthday (really. Jim is rapidly approaching the smack in the face that is 50) (anyone wanna help me plan a party?)


Jenni said…
What great band pictures. I never get anything that close. I never see my kids that well.

I can't believe it is Jim's 50th in a few short weeks. How strange!
Anonymous said…
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Jen said…
Looks like another busy night for everyone. Glad you got some pictures to document. Hayley is really turning into such a beauty (even with an oboe in her mouth...LOL), huh? She's growing up way too fast! Paul's a handsome fella, too. You can tell them both I said that behind their backs;)

50! No way, it's not possible. I'll help plan. Just tell me what you need me to do.