Farewell to arms (and legs and heads and eyes, etc)

And the open house is over, and so is the farewell talk.  I didn't cry. I'm too excited to cry. Besides, EJ still has 16 more days until he leaves. 16 days until we drop him off at the airport and say goodbye for two years. (still not crying)

The open house was last night (Saturday). There are three young men leaving in February and so the party was for those three boys. Lots of people came to show their support for Ethan, Jimmy, and Erik.

Jen of the hawleyfocus posted lots of pictures on her blog and I invite you to check it out to see more pictures than I have here. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked because I was too busy enjoying everyone's company to stop for Kodak moments.

I did take some, and here are the best of that lot.

I'm glad EJ got some food early on. He was busy talking with people for the rest of the evening.

My tres leches cakes. I got pretty good reviews.

Hayley and some friends.

Jim and a friend of his since junior high.

The three young men who are leaving very soon.

We are proud parents.

Matt and his friend

EJ's display

Mike, EJ, and Jen

The mission map and a lot of facts you can't read because the picture is too small.

Grandparents and EJ

The mothers of the missionaries.
EJ gave his farewell talk in church today and made us even prouder. He spoke on the importance and blessings of service. He actually spoke for over 10 minutes. He's come a long way since that first talk he gave in church when he was 12 and he cried all weekend in dreaded fear of standing up in front of 150 people.


What an exciting time for your family. Can't wait to have missionary sons because missions are just so great.
Jake said…
Thanks for a fun evening. You & Jim have done well. We enjoyed being a part of it. Thanks.
Jenni said…
So this is me being all teary-eyed at school. I'm so excited for your family and for Jimmy to have this experience. He will do great. I can only imagine that he will love it. Mom said his talk at church was so well done. Smiles...
Jen said…
We are so glad we got to attend and see Jimmy off. This is a very exciting time for all of us, and we are so proud of Jimmy. I'm pleased that my post could contribute to your own.
Dennis said…
As a grandpa I couldn't be more proud (is pride legal?). He looked so handsome and he was so articulate. I especially liked how he said he has been known by 3 first names but for the next 2 yrs he will hav only one, Elder.
What a great young man. It was especially good to see 4/6ths of my children.
Dennis said…
I forgot, thank you for the pictures.
Jessie said…
That looks like such a great time! Congrats to all on what a nice young man Jimmy (oops, Elder Evans!) has become and best of luck to him for the next two years!!