The seamy underbelly of the crafting world

I love sites like Pinterest, Tip Junkie, One Pretty Thing, etc... (no links cuz I'm too lazy). I love to look at pretty things people have made with their own two hands (and a bunch of raw materials. Or maybe not so raw)

On occasion, I have even tried to make some of these things that the craft sites promise are so cute and easy and amazing and beautiful and designed to make lasting memories...... ad nauseum. (excuse me while I barf just a teensy little bit). And for the most part, the crafts do turn out pretty. I set them out during the appropriate season and I get a little kick every time I look at them.

The problem is that nobody ever blogs or posts pictures concerning the ABSOLUTE MESS that is associated with each project.

I made a simple card yesterday and, O heavens above, the mess was huge. It took me three times as long to clean up after myself than it did to make the one card.

I should have taken a picture.

You know what I wanna see along side those studio-backdropped craft photos? The mess.  I wouldn't be put off by the mess; no, I would be bouyed up by the fact that the crafter made a pig sty out of her craft room/dining room table. To me it proves that in order to get something good out of life, you have to slog through a lot of work and mess and you have to clean some stuff up before you get to do the enjoying.

Oh good grief, did I just turn this into a life lesson? I hate it when I do that. Even if there wasn't a little message in my musing, I would just really like to see what went on before the final product was shown in its best light.

Mess: it's not that bad. It should not be embarrassing.

(unless you are a hoarder)


Jen said…
I hear ya, sista! My crafts are NEVER tidy and always somehow make a trail throughout our entire house. It's mostly the mess and clean-up that deters me from wanting to get new projects started. I really need a Martha Stewart clone to live with me. All she would have to do for me is get the craft cut out everything, lay out all the supplies, walk me through the process step-by-step, and then clean up the whole mess while I walk away and admire my creation. Is that too much to ask? Of course, I'm also hoping to have Laundry Linda, Dishes Diane, and Vacuum Valerie move in, too.
Mr Utopia said…
I can only agree life would be simpler if my nam was bob the builder.Some people are built to build and some people should just stick with what they know