Clearing out the camera

I haven't taken as many pictures as I possibly could have while Katie was here; I'm rather just enjoying the time without thinking of a camera.

But don't think I haven't taken ANY pictures. Here are just a few, which I may or may not caption.

Our Christmas card display method. I like it, but next year I'll have to put up two strings of lights. One wasn't enough. I'll also have to actually send cards out next year too. My plans for this year were frustrated by a computer program.

Our tree

Hayley and her present. She can twang away at bass lines anytime she wants now. I don't think she has named it yet.

Hayley has a crocheted hat fetish. She crochets them herself. This is her cupcake hat.

Matt and our new resident, Lemmy the leopard gecko. EJ's present to Matt was this lizard and his living space. Matt is very happy. We all like to watch Lemmy eat crickets.

EJ and his countdown calendar. See that blue spot on his calendar? That's the day he leaves us.
A close-up of Lemmy. He is very nice. 

Katie holds a bunny at Uncle Mike's Farm Animal Emporium and Tractor Museum

Katie feeds the chickens and gets noticed by a barn cat.
Katie goes home tomorrow. I believe a list is in order:
Ten things we did while Katie was here.
1. Played Settlers of Catan twice. Once with just us, and once with Katie's friend, who promised sneezes three times, but failed to live up to his promises.
2. Saw the invention of the ugly pj pants. Oh, forgot a picture. Here is a picture of Paul's ugly capri pj bottoms that he gave away at a white elephant exchange:
Star Wars on the left side, Disney Princess heads on the right
3. Christmas Eve party at Mom's with lots of cousins and family around
4. Singing at the ward Christmas sacrament meeting. Heard lots of compliments on Katie's singing. She also accompanied the choir.
5. Katie and her friend Wanda spent New Year's Eve sewing dresses for themselves.
6. Completed the traditional New Year's puzzle putting-together during the course of a few movies.
7. Katie's wisdom teeth were successfully removed.
8. During her time of sedation for the wisdom teeth, she mentioned her friend was going to email her some ice cream, and then she was disappointed when I reminded her that she didn't have a printer to hook up to her phone. Then she demanded pizza flavored yogurt.
9. We spent an evening with Mike and family the night before Katie's extraction. We played Uno with them and cuddled bunnies and chickens.
10. There has been LOTS of talking. Katie's always good for conversation. She even had Paul talking and laughing and even walking around!


Jen said…
Oooh, I really like the Christmas card light display. I may have to steal that idea for next year.

Hayley still likes to crochet, huh? I wish I had the energy to crochet some more, but I just don't. I like the cupcake hat. Very cute!

I'm glad we got to see Katie a couple of times on her visit and that she got to see the farm and all the animals. I wish her a safe trip home.

Not far off for Jimmy to leave, huh? It'll be here before we know it.

Very nice pants Paul!

Lemmy is so cute! He looks happy in his new home.
TaterBean said…
I love those ugly pants! Paul looks so good in them.
Jenni said…
I just want to say that Lemmy looks like a "Lemmy". And the cricket feeding reminds me of our six years with Ribbit. They live for a surprisingly long time.

I like what you have named Mike's compound.

I really enjoyed the entire post with tidbits about everyone and pictures. And I wish I could have been there. Hayley seems to be coming into her own these days. Kind of nice to have her around to save you from all those boys!!

We talk about Jimmy's mission often. Morgan looks forward to seeing him off!
love the lights, too. It's fun to see your kids growing up all big and stuff. :)
Holyriver said…
Very nice blog.
Happy new year from Italy.
Jake said…
Hi, I know this is under my dad's name but this is Dylan. I was googling pictures of leopard geckos eating because I wanted to see what leopard geckos of others looked like (yes I do mean I have leopard gecko as of Oct. 15th 2011) and I came upon a picture. I looked at it closer and asked my self, "Is that Matt?". I clicked on the site and it happened to be the Shoebox Princess. I scrolled down and saw the subtitle: "Matt and our new resident, Lemmy the leopard gecko. EJ's present to Matt was this lizard and his living space. Matt is very happy. We all like to watch Lemmy eat crickets." I am very surprised :)
Hahahahaha! Dylan, that is awesome! I'll have to tell Matt that you saw a picture of him and Lemmy by googling. What is your gecko's name?