Lofty aspiration

The puns, they keep coming.

We have decided that once EJ is gone, we are dismantling Paul's loft bed. Permanently.

If there ever comes a time when we have 3 boys living in the house again, it will be time to kick at least 2 of them out.

While this won't rival the Great Room Metamorphosis of last summer (or whenever we redid the sewing room--it might have been done twice), and for sure it will not be able to lick the toes of the Great Room Switch of 2008, it will be a big enough project to rearrange the boys' room and clear out EJ's junk. There probably won't be much rearranging because the bunkbed is going to stay in the room and remain in its current position. But we're definitely going to be cleaning out stuff.

EJ has already started the process of boxing up his stuff to put in the garage rafters.

He found a mylar bag which contained a 72-hour meal kit for emergency preparedness. I thought it was perhaps 3 years old, but when EJ opened it up (he asked if he could eat the food in it) we discovered that it was twice that old.

Here are some things that I learned about the food we put in that 72 hour kit
1. Jolly Ranchers get squishy and leak after 6 years
2. They also start to smell medicinal.
3. While Jolly Ranchers soften, fruit snacks, on the other hand, harden and become like marbles.
4. Fruit Rollups turn into Fermented Drink Rollups
5. Cider mix smells like rubbing alcohol
6. The mixed fruit in a can starts to bulge
7. Everything else gets covered in sticky Jolly Rancher juice
8. Beef jerky is impossible to bite (then again, for all I know, it's that way to start with)
9.We didn't try the vienna sausages or the pork and beans.
10. Expiration dates: they are for real.


Jenni said…
NICE!! I wonder, if you were actually starving, if you would have eaten any of it...Hmmm. I hear you can be pretty hard pressed. I'm pretty much there now.

I was told last night by a mom that she gave the master suite in her house to her 2011 graduate son to encourage him to live at home one more year. I had to stifle the eye roll. It was difficult.