Hot lava

Katie's visit is over. We had a good time having her around. There was plenty of happy noise and chatter, and lots of juggling of vehicles (that's a sight to see). Everybody had some time with Katie, and she has left her siblings with a desire to sew pajama pants.
Paul and his mountain goat polar fleece pants

On the last evening Kate was here, we had cake, an early birthday dessert for her. She elected to have rocks, dirt, lava and a fault line on her cake:

Happy 22nd birthday (yesterday) Katie! We really enjoyed having you here.


Jenni said…
22!!! I forget that she is the same age as my marriage. That is hot lava!

I'm still so impressed that Paul sews, an that he sews well.
Jen said…
Happy 22nd Birthday, Katie! I can't believe I have a niece who is well into her adulthood. I'm glad you had such since visit with Katie and that each sibling had some good quality time with each her. The pj pants stemmed to have really taken storm in Savage, MN. If I ever get around to sewing again, I may have to make each of the girls a crazy pair.

Love the hot lava cake.
Jake said…
Sara, Steph & I were just going through some old pics & came across those of when you, Jim & Katie came through Provo for a visit. Now she's 22. It was the visit where the Evans' were in a motel and Katie spent the evening bending over, looking through her legs and throwing a ball backwards through the gap. Good pictures. The next set of photos were of Jimmy as a wee one and Katie being such a good big seester. Anyway, thought it was apt. Happy New Year. Jake