Hay-dle-dee is fifteenle-dee

Life is not "life as I know it" anymore. The rules are changing. Babies are now teenagers.

Hayley is 15.

Technically this means she can get a driver's permit. She hasn't registered for driver's ed yet though. Don't know when that will happen because she's a busy girl.

I'm not going to list her attributes, because invariably, she'll disagree with whatever I've written. She is un-pigeonhole-able.

Except for one thing: She has a good singing voice. I learned that last Saturday night at the ward talent show. She sang "Yesterday" and accompanied herself on the bass guitar. I personally think that Katie sings tres beautifully, but I had not realized how well little sister sang. They are different however--Katie sings Broadway style, while Hayley sings in an indie alt/rock style. There is no growl in her voice, but it's just edgier than Katie's voice.They'll have to sing together in church next time Katie's here in MN.

On to birthday legalities:

Hayley's requested dinner: Waffles.

Hayley's cake:
Based on a cartoon character named "Gir."  Hayley has a lot of shirts with this character on it. And this character really likes waffles.  
Hayley and her cake:

15 years of Hayley and we are the better for it, especially in the areas of sarcasm, drawing, wordplay, laughter, non-matching socks, shortitudinous, and other things that Hayley is good at and/or likes.


Jenni said…
She seems to have found herself and her own personal style. She sure is cute!! Happy birthday to a wonderful young lady. I can't wait to hear her sing. I know Katie's voice is so clear and true. I am intrigued!!

As I already stated, "GIReat" job on the cake.
Jen said…
Happy birthday, Miss Dimples! I still can't believe you're fifteen. I've never heard of that character, but it sure is adorable in cake form. Good job, Sara! I still have not heard Katie sing, so now I have two nieces that I need to hear sing.
TaterBean said…
Yes, Hay and I should sing something together! That would be awesome! Sunday after graduation? The cake turned out awesome!
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