Not keeping me posted

Paul didn't tell me he had a french horn quartet piece for solo/ensemble contest. I knew the whole band was going to perform and I figured that was why he wore his black suit, his black shirt and a fabbo tie. I also thought that when he said, "I'm doing solo/ensemble" he meant the whole band. Why did I not guess he had a small group performance? Because he never said (and I'm going to use his vernacular) "Me and the other horns are gonna play a thing." Not that that statement is particularly enlightening, but it would have clued me into SOMETHING, and I would have grilled him until I understood exactly what was going on. He never mentioned having to practice, and based on his lack of practice or mention of any kind that he played an instrument over the last 2 years, I would not have guessed he was game for getting together with the other french horns and playing a horn quartet for some judges.

So how did I find out?

Facebook. This is why I am on facebook. I don't much keep up with other people, but when it comes to my children, I like to use this avenue to find out what they are up to. It wasn't until I saw a picture uploaded by Paul that was titled "The Horn Quartet" and Paul's comment on it was "We got a superior!" THAT is how I found out.

Hayley had mentioned to me that morning that she walked into the band room one day and saw the straight haired horn player sitting by himself. She asked him why he was there and he said, "We were supposed to have a french horn quartet practice but no one showed up." She mentioned that her brother was one of the missing hornists, and he sighed. Even when she told me that, I thought it meant that the whole thing fell through. I thought if it didn't pertain to running, Paul wasn't doing it. (Now if they had planned to run 14 miles while playing a Horn Quartet, I thought he'd be keen on it). Oh, I was wrong.

But also misled. He DIDN'T TELL ME.  Isn't this something you tell your mother? When Katie did solo/ensemble contest, she talked about it ALL THE TIME. And she practiced it at home. I knew exactly when and what piece she was playing. Not so with Mr Keeping Secrets.

I'm going to have to install a head cam on Paul so that I can get full broadcasts of what he is doing. Especially when he goes to college in GULP 3 months. I can just imagine the lack of letters from him. The lack of phone calls. Even the lack of texts. I wonder if he even remembers that he HAS parents.


TaterBean said…
HAHA! I miss Solo/Ensemble! Good for Paul though!
Jen said…
Well, it sounds like Paul just doesn't want the attention placed on him, so he conveniently "forgets" to tell you guys about his performances. He's a pretty modest guy, so I can see that. Oh well, at least you got to hear about it.
Jenni said…
He sounds like a normal teenage boy. The teacher next door nodded in an understanding way. She has 2 boys - teens. They do a lot of grunting. She hopes for grand-daughters!! She is Miss Crafty!

Anyhoos, great for Paul. Isn't it nice we have FB so we know what is going on?
Marta said…
sounds like he has a great career ahead of him in the CIA or NSA. not that you'll ever hear about it...