Whither winter?

This has been a bummer of a winter. I love me some white fluffy snow, even into May. I don't mind wearing a parka and I love mother-knit mittens. Hot cocoa is the drink du not only jour, but la saison aussi. (No, I don't know French. Except for the one line I remember from second grade when I was allowed to take French lessons instead of spelling: Dans la maison.... and then something about le salon)

But if it's been a bummer of a winter, at least the bummer is in the form of wispy warmy breezy hazy not too sunny sunshine. So the bummer is a good kind of bummer.

I felt so late springy that I wore my summery bracelets, TWO of them even. I like to wiggle my wrist and hear the beads chatter on my wrist. I feel like wearing flowery cotton skirts and single knit t-shirts and a big floppy hat. And leather sandals.

The bummer of this bummer winter is that the flowers aren't blooming yet. "It's the middle of March!" they say, "It's like your alarm clock going off at 3 a.m. and the world expecting you to be awake and ready to put on a show.  Give us a few weeks and we'll be awake and ready to please your eyes and nose."

Matt just said next winter better be good or we're moving to Siberia. I'd better start packing just in case.


Jen said…
You know, I'm not going to complain one bit about the lack of winter around here. I was expecting the worst since, well, you know, we live in Siberia...almost. This first year in this old clunker of a house was much better than what I was planning, even though we still ended up with $400 heating bills. Ugh, can you imagine if what they would have been if this had been a "real" winter. I'm thinking I'd be in a come right now.
TaterBean said…
Hmm...remember to take me with you if you move to Siberia. *looking up Siberia* Nevermind, I've already been to that continent. I don't want to go anymore...
Jenni said…
I'm sorry to hear that your winter was a disappointment. Ours was too. Florida never got a good cold snap and I rely on those to make living here ok. We have gone straight to summer.

I hope your flowers are worth the wait!!!