My son is a racist

(it's not what you think) (really, I promise)

First off, I just realized that I've blogged 5 of Hayley's birthdays. I've just hit my four year mark in blogging (well, earlier this month). I looked back at that eleventh birthday of Hayley's on my blog and she looked like such a little girl back then! My my my how she has grown.

Now on to racism.

As in race-ism. As in it's track season. As in Paul runs track. Therefore he races, therefore he is a racist. He's not racist, but he is A racist. Sort of like a cyclist, only without the bike.

I love over-explaining a joke.  Note to Mike: thanks for thinking this one up.

Paul has run in two meets so far. In the first meet, he ran the 3200 m (2 mile) and WON IT. As in HE CAME IN FIRST. Out of all the racists. He says the race was so non-competitive, which explains why he won it. 10:50 for 2 miles, while that would kill me several times over and leave my ruined body in a dumpster, is fairly average for a high school track meet. But we'll take it. A win is a win.

Last night's meet he ran the 1600m (1 mile) and came in 3rd with a time of 4:49. Dang, is all I can say. I've taken longer getting from my bedroom to the kitchen (all of about 20 steps). His fastest time at the 1600m is 4:46; he hopes to go faster during this season. Mostly though, he will be running the 3200.

No pictures yet because I haven't gone to a meet yet. But I will.


Jen said…
Wow, four years! Happy 4th Bloggiversary! That's a big milestone. Mine will be 9 years in December.

I totally knew where you were going with the "racist" remark (sorry, I couldn't resist). I called myself a sewist many years ago, and Mike liked it so much that he applied it to everything from that time forth.

Way to go, Paul! You racist, you!
CrazyUS said…
Congratulations on 4 Years! Keep on keepin' on. You always make me smile. I love your sense of humor and I am glad your son is a racist, a very good racist, at that! :)