Taking the time to turn 50

It was a small celebration. Celebrations take planning, planning takes time, and time is in short supply these days (anyone know where I can get more of it?). Jim was fine with that. But a birthday boy DOES need cake. And I can do cake in little spare moments of the day.

And this is his cake. What I didn't have time for was to come up with a super witty or super interesting cake decoration idea. OH well. Plain old 50 written in green icing surrounded with purple tastes just as good as cute ideas done in the same icing.

And here is the 50 year old himself, smiling like he doesn't have a major milestone birthday:
And notice Matt being weird. Shows you how much respect our children have for their parents.

And here is a picture of Hayley.
And one of Paul:
We were all happy to eat cake. Then we sang Happy Birthday in the most mournful way possible--in minor key and in our lowest voices. It was so pathetically sad, which made us all laugh.

Good times!


Mike said…
Mmmmmm. Cake looks good. Hello to all