Skirting my resposibilities

Terrible pun in the post title, I'll admit.

I sewed yesterday. I bought a piece of swimming suit lycra and made this:
And I didn't even use a pattern. I measured my length and width, cut a rectangle to fit the measurements and had enough material left over to cut a circular (not gathered) ruffle. The ruffle was mostly guesswork, but I've had enough sewing experience to guess right most of the time.

I used swimming suit lycra because it is extra stretchy (for those times I have to bend over to pick something up) and because it doesn't wrinkle easily. It hangs nicely and it's soft. See the ruffle on the bottom? Yes, without a pattern.  And because it's lycra, I didn't worry too much about hemming it--I serged a narrow rolled hem (like I do when I sew napkins) in a coordinating color.

Up close of the ruffle:
Yay for a new skirt! A light summery flowery bluery greenery skirt!


Jenni said…
SO MUCH FUN!! I really like this. You picked a nice fabric and did a great job without a pattern.
Karie said…
Love it! I never would have thought of using swimming suit lycra.