Dressing room with a view

(The title is based on the favorite movie of 18-year-old me. I still like the movie but I haven't watched it in ages because I would have to avert my eyes from the scene at the pond. These days, I don't feel like averting my eyes. PS two actresses in A Room with a View were in the Harry Potter movies)(Another bit of trivia that I find interesting: I just looked up A Room with a View on IMDb, and the younger brother of Lucy Honeychurch--played by Helena Bonham Carter--was played by Rupert Graves, who has recently played Lestrade in the BBC production of Sherlock.  !!)

I took a short break from work today to look for a dress. Long story short:

Don't I look happy?
The white ankle socks will not be part of the outfit.

Now for jewelry and shoes. Do I go with black shoes? The other wedding color is silver, but I'm not sure silver would go with this dress since the beading is all purple. I think black shoes and black jewelry would be best. Opinions?


TaterBean said…
I think you should do whatever matches the best (black or silver or white...not green)! Love the dress...and I DID notice how happy you looked in the picture when you sent it to me earlier today. lol And yes, please ditch the socks! :P
Jen said…
I think it will be a lovely ensemble once you are all accessorized and gussied up. I'm sure it was difficult to find something in such a specific color. Anytime I go on a search for something in a color I want I almost always come up empty-handed. Will you only be wearing this to the UT portion of the celebrations or in MN as well?
Jessie said…
LOVELY! I agree with Jen and Katie - don't go shopping with something specific in mind or you'll never find it; I bet lots of accessories will go really well with that dress.

So you're watching Sherlock?? Me too! I love Watson!! (who is going to be Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit)
Jenni said…
I vote "yes". Looks great. It is about time to start counting down!! I also suggest you have that look on your face for all the wedding pictures!!
TaterBean said…
No, I do not support that look on all the photos on the wedding day. Sorry mother, you will be smiling. lol 46 days until the wedding.