It's his party and he'll play Wii if he wants to

Matt asked for a simple party with three friends to play the Wii with him. Maybe a little pizza and cake. No presents, just some laffs with three boys he has known for years (two of them since birth, and the other is a cousin of one of the boys he has known from birth and has gotten to know over the years and has become very good friends with).

An easier birthday party there has never been, at least in my house.

Matt asked for his birthday presents to be given to him a day early, mostly because he guessed one of them was going to be a Wii game and he wanted to play it with his friends. So we indulged the boy and let him open his gifts this morning.

Labeled for your convenience
He's nearly 14 and he still wants Legos. I suppose he'll be asking for Legos into his adult years. When he gets Legos, he puts he set together in 5 minutes. Then he loses a figure, wails about it for a while, then we find it under a couch cushion several months later, and then he asks for another Lego set.

Matt and his three buddies:

I remember when each one of these boys was born. And now they are young men. The one on the right is actually only two days younger than Hayley but he and Matt get along very well at church and if we can't find Matt, we usually look for Nathan, where we know Matt is most likely to be.

Matt's cake. Some explanation is required. He likes to look at memes (look it up) and he saw one called "cereal guy" and it was on a cake. He wanted that one because the caption on the cake said, "Matthew, so I hear it's your birthday or something." That's what he wanted. And it is what he got. I can do stick figures.
We think one of the cats got into it at some point because the top part was kind of MISSING. I had to repipe "So." Stupid cat.
And now, the boys are off to the church dance. Yes, we let Matt go before he was technically 14. Mostly because one of the boys needed a ride to the dance, and Jim could give Matt his dance card so we just said, "go ahead even though you aren't yet 14."

Hayley refused to go.

Other big news, my favorite sci fi author, sent my daughter a wedding gift! Well, his wife probably did it; even saying "My favorite sci fi author's wife sent my daughter a wedding gift" is pretty cool. Katie called me to tell me the news and I geeked out. I told her that when she writes the thank you note that she is to include "My mother has every single OSC book IN HARDBACK and he's one of her favorite authors ever. She practically died when she heard that you sent her and her fiance a wedding gift." The gift message read from "Scott and Kristine Card." I didn't know he went by his middle name in regular life!

Now that I think about it, since I bought all those hardcover books of Orson Scott Card, he pretty much OWES me for supporting him and his family monetarily! ;)

Anyway, the connection is through Christian and his family who lived in the same area as the Cards for several years and while they weren't in the same ward, they were in the same stake. And Christian was in one of the plays OSC directed (there was swordplay involved, and that's the only reason Christian agreed to do it). I guess Katie's future in-laws knew the Cards well enough to send them an announcement.

I'm still geeking out over it.  !!!!!!!


Jenni said…
So now you "know" the Cards. You "know" Stephenie Meyer. Who else do you "know" that we don't "know" about? So famous.

Matt's aging is bringing me some pain. My back hurts. While he has grown, he is still a bit shorter than his friends. Maybe he can ask for that for his birthday.

You don't have any of the youngest kids in YW/YM anymore. weird.
The Morrisons said…
Hayden and Matt look awesome next to each other, as always :)
Jen said…
Now that sounds like my kind of birthday party. I'm taking notes. Hppy (belated) birthday to Matt! It looks like he got all that he asked for, and that's what really counts. Of course, I'm digging' the illustrated picture. Too clever, Sara!

OMGeee about knowing another famous person! Between you and your mother you are the Kardashians! LOL...I hope you aren't insulted about that comparison. What's even scarier is that my iPad recognized Kardashians as a word. That us way cool for Katie and Christian! Can't wait to finally see them on their special day!
Jen said…
Love the simplicity and humor behind the cake. I may just decorate the next birthday cake myself if it only involves stick figures. Those I CAN do!
jenifer said…
Best.Cake.Ever. :)