Old pictures of Hayley

I scanned a photo album's worth of pictures into my electronic repository. The photos are from 1999-2000. Here are some of Hayley that I am particularly fond of.

I love how Hayley folded her feet underneath her when she went to sleep here

Hayley and an amaryllis

She chose to use a pillowcase as a sleeping bag

and here she fell asleep on a giant Pikachu. The children are still mourning the loss of this stuffed animal. It's their fault that it had to be thrown away--they loved it to shreds.

Hayley and her version of a smile.

Easter dresses and a rubber snake
The little cheeky! She looks so different now.


Jake and Steph said…
Do you think your furture grandkids will come to the house and get all excited to look through grandma and grandpa's photo albums on the computer? It never got old doing that @ G & G Talbergs. I keep telling Maya that she's growing up too fast. Looking at little kid pictures tugs at certain strings.
Jenni said…
I always think that kids that age are their true selves. They don't quite conform to society yet and are not overly influenced by friends. So, Hayley was a very tired, yet happy, Pokemon lover. Great pictures!!!
Jen said…
Cant believe I haven't commented on these yet. I've been kind of blogged out lately. Anyway, seeing these pictures remind me of when I first met your family. Hayley was so quiet and sweet. I know she's still sweet, but I know from her FB posts that she's not so quiet anymore...lol. I still can't believe how your kids would just sack out in the middle of the floor on inanimate objects. None of mine do that...what am I doing wrong?
Jen said…
And that first picture was not much longer after my own wedding when little Katie was in it in her darling flower girl dress. It's unfathomable that she'll now be the one to get married.
Jen said…
Meant to say last picture with Katie in it.