My paradigm just shifted

Because of the news that LDS young men can now be considered for a missionary service at age 18, we face the possibility of having two sons serving concurrently. Paul has a big decision to make, now that he is suddenly eligible for missionary service.

It will be a great act of faith on his part and ours to get him to Elder status sooner than he had originally planned, so we ask for your prayers.

No decision has been made yet, and for sure he will finish this semester at college.

We are excited for our niece Morgan, who will be able to serve 2 years sooner than planned because the age for young women was lowered to 19. She will make a great missionary! From what I see on facebook, her foot is already out the door.

My pipe dream: That Paul will get called in Feb to Tijuana and that he's assigned to work with another Elder Evans.


Jen said…
It's so inspirational to see this nephew and niece of mine who are so excited to serve missions that their first thoughts were to drop everything to go Now! Our girls were definitely excited to hear the changes and even more excited to learn that more cousins are even closer to serving their missions. Paul and Morgan both have a lot of praying and planning ahead. We will definitely keep them both in our prayers.
Jenni said…
SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT!! Yes, your paradigm just changed to two nickels!! ha ha ha I'm excited and you'll have to lead me through all of it!
Dennis said…
What a blessing! As I said on facebook I thought immediatly about Morgan and Paul. This will be a great challenge for you but with help and support from your ward and your family it will be a great bleesing for you and Jim. I'm so happy I could just cry (I'm doing that as I write).