Preparation H B

H B as in Happy Birthday. Happy birthday to Matt. His birthday is Sunday, his party is on Saturday and today is Friday.

Stuff I gotta do:
1. Bake a cake
2. Frost the cake
3. Decorate the cake
4. Wrap some presents
5. Go to someone else's birthday dinner
6. Make dessert bars for a Super Saturday event
7. Mail wedding invitations
8. Knit 5 more dishcloths, possibly 7 or 10
9. Print out some pictures for a bridal shower next week
10. Not go crazy

Fortunately I don't work today (although I will answer calls and I will make some calls later) so I have a better chance at getting some of those things done than most days. And I already have the decorative icing made.

Matt will be 14. When did this happen?


Jenni said…
Panic. Frenzy. Melt down. Those are my suggestions.
Jake and Steph said…
With Dylan just turning 11, I'm at a total loss. There's some young Dylan pics on the fridge. I almost want to rake them down cuz they remind me of what's passed and done. But they're so darned cute I can't. At least he's not getting married. Wink Wink