Matt's turn

I posted pics of Hayley in her pretties, now I have to do the same for Matt. Although his pretties aren't ruffly and ribbony and flowery.

Matt has a suit! We got it for him to wear to the upcoming wedding. Doesn't he look darling and cute and spiffy?

Jim said it was difficult to find Matt a suit because most major retailers don't carry kid sizes. The smallest adult size is too big for him still.

Still need for the wedding: shoes and jewelry for me, shoes and jewelry for Hayley and I need to sew Hayley's dress.

Also, invitations are either in the mail or not quite in the mail. Keep an eye out for yours!


Jenni said…
It's...ahhh...very nice! No, really, it is! This is all very exciting. Wedding announcement was received today!
TaterBean said…
Hayley doesn't NEED jewelry. She can get some if she wants but I have necklaces and earrings for all the bridesmaids as a "thank you" that would be appropriate to wear for the wedding if they want. Matt looks awesome!! I'll see all of you in 28 days! :)
Dennis said…
Do I need jewelry too? I haven't found a pair of earrings I like yet. Seriously, Matt looks awesome.
Jen said…
What a handsome fella! He really is turning into quite the dapper young man. He actually looks like he's enjoying wearing the suit, too. Do we have another Jimmy clothes horse on our hands?