What to do before the Homecoming dance?

Play Killer Bunnies!

Hayley went to Homecoming with a friend last night. We had never met the young man (and Hayley insists they are just friends), so when I asked "What are you going to do before Homecoming?" I was most pleased with her answer. She said that perhaps could he eat here for dinner and then could we all play Killer Bunnies? I'm all for parental supervision, so I was happy to say yes.

We had a nice evening with Kyle. He was polite and he didn't seem put off by eating dinner with parents. We had chili, cornbread, and salad. We learned that he's an only child and he doesn't have any cousins, which I can't even fathom.

Then we cleared the table and played a very loud game of Killer Bunnies. Kyle has played lots of Killer Bunnies so we didn't have to go through the onerous, time consuming task of trying to explain it to him. It takes a very long time to try to explain and in the end we usually give up and tell the newbie let's just start and we'll tell you what to do as we go along.

Hayley won the game and then it was time to get ready for the dance. Hayley wanted me to curl her hair and then she put on her dress and we took pictures.

Hayley is all ready for the dance
Hayley and her friend Lauren

Hayley and Kyle

The Homecoming group


Jenni said…
How fun - and how cute!! Hayley looks GREAT!! And I approve of her friend's purple. I'm impressed with the desire to play games and that you had such a good time. And now I've decided to make chili tomorrow!
Jenni said…
And I like her choice of dress. Is she short like Katie? Anyway, I like these pictures!!
She is shorter than Katie, but not by much. It is possible that Matt is taller than the two girls, again, not by much though. Thank you for your compliment.
Dennis said…
Wait. Back up just a little. Hayley can't be going on a date yet can she? She looks pretty and happy. How nice that she wanted to eat dinner with PARENTS! And then play games? You done a good job here (with all your children).
She claims it wasn't a date. (Whatever!) Yes, she's 15 and not 16 yet. We let her decide for herself and she chose differently than I would have wanted her to. I also remember that I wasn't a diligent follower of the no dating before 16 rule when I was her age. Anyway, yes, he ate dinner with us and played a game with us. And she came home right after the dance. I know she did because she got home before I did and I got home at the same time the actual dance ended. Also I let Katie go to Homecoming when she was 15 and I later got wind of being disparaged by other LDS parents for letting Katie go. It was one of the few times I didn't let other people's remarks about me get to me.
Jen said…
Hayley looks so lovely in her dress. Good choice, Hayley! How nice that her "date" would rather just hang out playing games than do other Homecoming date type things (whatever those things may be...LOL). I'd say Hayley is a trustworthy young woman who will choose the right. I'm sure she just wanted the opportunity to get all gussied up. That's the only reason I ever wanted to go to those things. Forget the guys...lol.