The only thing I'm going to apologize for is that this is not a Halloween post

This is an off year for me as far as Halloween goes. I'm caught up in preparing for the wedding. And working. And teaching seminary.

I'm blogging about last night's event: Hayley's band concert. It was a fun concert, mostly because it wasn't held in the auditorium, but in the BAND ROOM.

See, the fall concert band has only 18 members. The rest of the band students take marching band in the fall. Hayley is the lone sophomore in the band and the only sophomore who was excused from being in marching band because we are favorites of the band teacher. Heehee, no not really. She was excused from marching band because she plays bassoon and bassoons aren't marching band instruments.

So the director decided that rather than have a small group perform in a gigantic room, we'd have a little coffeehouse style concert in the band room. He set up tables (and cleaned the band room--Katie, you would be very proud) and chairs, asked everyone to bring a dessert in lieu of the usual $5 per person admission for regular concerts, and set out some coffee and hot water for tea or cocoa.

It was such a fun night! The concert was only half an hour long, but we could hear all the instruments, and kept our ears open for the bassoon parts.  The setting was intimate, the music enjoyable, and the host very talkative.

Of course I took pictures:

The setting

our little bassoonist!

The dessert table
bassoon buffoonery


Jen said…
Now that sounds like my kind of concert. Too bad it can't always be like that. Even the girls' "concerts" at Deuel leave me unable to hear my own children or even get close enough to snap a picture.

Hayley looks quite comfortable with her instrument. Did you get any video feed of her parts? I'd like to hear her play some day.

P.S. Don't feel bad about lack of Halloween on your blog. I can testify before a court of law that your house is decked out for Halloween.
Jake and Steph said…
So if Hayley drew herself into a musical about a magical, pretend place acting goofy while playing a large woodwind, what would it be considered? Text answers to 612-239-8405. Hee-hee
TaterBean said…
FUN!! And yay for Mr K cleaning the band room. That had to happen. :P Did they have all parts covered even with a band with random kids that tiny?
Jenni said…
How nice!! So that answers my question and she is not marching with cymbals. haha

It looks like a very nice type of concert where I could knit and enjoy myself.

And we look forward to seeing you!