A few pictures from my Florida trip

Most of the pertinent pictures of my trip have already been posted by my sister but I thought I'd share maybe a few behind the scenes photos. I don't have many of me, but that's ok. Hopefully it's ok with my sister that I am going to post pictures of her family.

Travis is learning the art of the photobomber here, or he's REALLY happy that his daughter graduated.
This next photo is a little deceptive. Jen looks completely relaxed and happy. But I think she got a little teary-eyed several times during the weekend. And of course she should be a little weepy; her daughter just graduated from high school.
Maddie loves her kitties. This particular kitty, upon meeting me, climbed right up my leg and wanted to play. He loved the ties on my capris and would jump and run and cavort at nothing. Maddie is pretty cute too.This is pretty much my contribution to the weekend. I baked, mixed, and frosted. That there is 3 tiers, made from 8 layers of cake. Mmmmmmm cake!

Finally I have a great picture of a team of cake decorators. Their biggest contribution was rolling the many fondant marbles that edged each tier. And they helped me count cups of powdered sugar. It was a treat to work with them; all three are funny and cheerful. I have great nieces!


Jenni said…
It was tons of fun and the cake was delicious and beautiful!! We pulled it out of the freezer the night the missionaries came for dinner and it was still good!! Thanks for all your help. I had a great weekend. I have cried a lot more since then. I am glad you posted these. Thanks!
Jen said…
I know you brought some of that cake home waiting in your freezer for me to arrive, RIGHT?!? Ha, I didn't think Trav had the creeper bug in him.