Last days

Last day of school and work.

After today, I'll have yet another senior, and a freshman, and a 7th grader. Hold my horses, my baby will be in 7th grade!

It is also my last day of work for a little while. It may very well be my last day of work at my particular job. I don't talk much about my job on this blog for privacy reasons, not my own privacy obviously, since I talk way too much about myself on here to consider this a private blog, but to protect the privacy of the children I work with.

It has been a good job. I have enjoyed being around most of the children I've come to know. Most of them are friendly and happy, which makes me friendly and happy. I like my co-workers at both sites (I worked at two different places). They've all been easy to get along with and very helpful to a newbie (me). They made leaving home to go to work easy on a stay-at-home mom wannabe who hasn't been in the workforce for almost two decades.

I've learned more about patience at this job. Little kids don't know how to behave properly yet and it's been my job to be a part of that learning. And that learning takes time. I've learned to set aside my natural tendency towards using sharp words and my "angry face" while dealing with these kids. My co-workers have been great examples in even-temperedness (and I'm not just saying that because one of them might read this). It's ok not to get angry at misbehavior. Anger doesn't make the misbehavior go away. I haven't found a perfect antidote to misbehavior in children, but I have learned not to take it personally.

I am grateful for this job. It came at the perfect time when I needed it after giving up the job babysitting Fake Child. It was easy to assimilate into and it was in my comfort zone. It didn't demand 8 hours (sometimes it demanded 9, but most of the time only 2-5 hours) and that was helpful since I was also teaching seminary.

I got paid to watch movies, play "garbage," watch floor hockey and dodgeball, make paper airplanes, weave baskets, eat snacks, and sit outside on the playground. It was a good gig.


James said…
so with that job have you become a paper airplane expert yet?
Jen said…
It's good to see that you can look back on your job in a positive light. I really liked the same job when I did it in IN but not so much in MN (the "director" of the particular school program I worked at was not a nice lady and seemed to be bitter with life in general making it very difficult to enjoy the job). I hope the new job load/hours work well with your lifestyle. Can't wait to finally spend some time with you guys this summer.
Jenni said…
It is good to have a positive outlook on all our experiences. We can learn from everything. And, it was a blessing. It came along just when you needed it and served its purpose. Now you have another purpose. It is always very exciting!!