Running around

Paul ran in the Dan Patch 5k race this morning. I'd been pestering him to do it for a few years, but he was always at scout camp or EFY or something. This year, he was home and said he wanted to do it.

Registration was at 8 a.m., which is the time I rousted Paul from his deep sleep to get up. He clambered out of bed and stumbled into his running clothes. Jim took him to the starting line and dropped him off, then came to pick me up.

We waited at the finish line and watched the rain clouds roll in. I was also on the phone with Jenni, until someone shouted "First runner is coming in!" We didn't expect Paul to be first, but we knew he'd be in the first pack. And he was. He came in 5th! 18:38 is his unofficial time.

I forgot my camera, and didn't think to use the phone's camera, so you'll have to do without pictures.

I enjoyed watching Paul finish, even though his facial expression makes me think he's in extreme pain. He said he felt fine. I was excited for all the runners. 99% are doing it not because they think they will win, but because doing so is an accomplishment, something to be proud of for simply doing it. We saw preteens running it, and old guys who looked out of shape. One guy was pushing a double running stroller with his toddlers in it. A daddy/daughter team ran together. They were all inspiring. I wanted to stay til the last one crossed the finish line, but it started to rain so I left. Paul walked the half mile back to the finish line (it amazes me still that runners go for a cool-down run after their race. I'd be dead.).

Now Paul is packing for his canoing/hiking trip on the Apostle Islands. He and I will both be gone next week

Speaking of being gone, I gotta do laundry.


Jen said…
Way to go, Paul! I'm not surprised he did so well, since he's been working so hard to get this point. I remember going with Mike and some other guys to wait for them to finish the Firecracker 5K in Excelsior, and a young girl no older than 12 came in like 1st or 2nd. Mike was well behind her.
Jenni said…
Ah running. I'm up to about 3/4 of a mile and I don't even know if it can be called "running" but it is moving. Glad you could all go and be excited for everyone.
Dennis said…
I could run 5 ft.