I am in Florida for one more night. I thought I would blog more, but it turned out that I spent my time doing more important things.

So my list for tonight is Ten things that are more important than blogging while in Florida visiting my sister and her family for my niece Morgan's graduation.

1. Bake a cake. And when I say I baked a cake, I really baked 8 cakes. 8 layers to make 3 tiers. Picture later. So baking was done rather than blogging.
2. Make frosting. 8 batches of my own special buttercream icing. I had *niecial help in the area of counting cups of powdered sugar. Maddie was the official counter, Rozzie was the backup counter, and Morgan was the assistant to the backup counter. I tend to miscount the number of cups of powdered sugar so I needed their special counting skills. Thank you girls!
3. Assemble a cake. It took some time to assemble the layers in the right order. You can't put a rectangle layer with a circular layer to make a tier.
4. Eat at Sorbello's where they had on the menu an item called "Sara's Special." It had everything I love--shrimp, pasta, spinach and mushrooms. Of course I had to eat it (for those of you who stalk my blog and have never met me, my name is Sara).
5. Convince my dear brother-in-law to help peel potatoes while watching a hockey game. I know he was tired and probably wanted to relax in front of the TV, but potatoes do not peel themselves. And I didn't want to do it all by myself.
6. Visit with a cousin. Hi Andrea! I am so glad you were able to stop by!
7. Cut up celery. Like potatoes, celery does not cut itself. And we MUST have celery in THE potato salad.
8. Eat potato salad. And broccoli salad. And 7-layer dip (which was actually only 5 layers). And meatballs. And funnel cake. And chips. And Chinese Ramen noodle salad. And spinach dip on Hawaiian rolls. And and and and.....there was a lot of food. And all of it was yummy!
9. Watch Morgan graduate. She's a wonderful young lady with excitement ahead of her in a week when she leaves for college. Go Morgan! I'll be watching her play sousaphone in the BYU marching band. Will you?
10. Pet and cuddle with an adorable little kitty who tried to climb me like I was a tree.

Tomorrow, Mother and I head home.

And to stalker Lisa (you know who you are), it was so nice to chat with you at both parties!

*an adjective I made up to define the special kind of help given only by nieces


TaterBean said…
MMmmmm! Potato salad! You must make me some when I come visit! Why didn't I get a multi layer cake for my grad party? You love cousin Morgan better than me. :(

TaterBean said…
Well actually Morgan is your
Wah. Your cake didn't need layers. It had "Carnival of Venice" on it.
Jen said…
I can't believe all that food you guys made. The cake turned out gorgeous. I'll bet it tastes even better. Yum! I'm glad you and Ma Olsen got to go down there to celebrate with Morgan. I really wish we could have, too, but life is just too busy these days (up to my eyeballs in boxes, tape, and bubble wrap at the moment). I'm glad I did get to spend time with the Smiths back in April though. I'll bet the weather was nicer for me, too (snicker, snicker). See you soon!